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Earn points for every dollar spent at your favourite
brands. TangerClub members receive exclusive
benefits like special savings, VIP parking and more.
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Members Save
$50 Every Visit
Join Tanger’s Loyalty Club and get rewarded for
every dollar spent at your
favourite Tanger Brands.
PLUS! Being a TangerClub member also gets you
VIP Event
access, VIP Parking, birthday offers and
specially curated deals, and MORE!
Become a
member for only $10 and start saving today!
How It Works
TangerClub is all about rewards and bringing
you the best deals. For only $10,
you'll have
year-round access to unlimited ways to save at
your favourite brands,
free gifts, rewards for
shopping and surprises along the way!
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How to Join
Taking advantage of Tanger
Rewards is fast
and easy. Sign
up today, for only $10. You’ll
instantly have access to
deals you’ll love and
a free
bonus gift.

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TangerClub Members save an
average of $50
every time they
shop by using their exclusive
of savings. Plus, members
get access to surprise
deals from
top brands—all year long.
TangerClub Reward
Get Rewarded
Earn points on every purchase
you make at your
favourite Tanger
stores. $1 spent = 1 point earned.
Once you log your receipts,
you’ll start to level
up and unlock
even more rewards.
TangerClub Reward
Member Benefits
The perks make the club
even sweeter. In
addition to
deeper deals, TangerClub
also get VIP
parking, birthday gifts, VIP
access and more.
Level Up With Rewards
Earn points with every purchase. This means the
more you shop, the more you get
and the faster you level up. Unlock new perks
with each visit to Tanger.
Over $550 in Savings
Over $675 in Savings
Over $700 in Savings
Unlock Platinum Status
and a $25 Gift Card
Maximize Your
  • Membership
    InsiderFree to Join
  • Concierge Service at Shopper Services
  • Tanger App
  • Text Deals
  • Best Price Promise
  • Virtual Shopper
  • Free Book of Savings
    with every visit
  • Earn Rewards for
  • Guaranteed Parking
  • Monthly Surprise
  • Birthday Bonus
  • Waived Gift Card
  • VIP Access to Onsite
  • $25 Tanger Reward
    for every $2500 spent*
  • Free Access to

*up to 4 annually

**Varies by location, including mini golf, TangerClub
lounge, free Shopper Services rentals

TangerClub App TangerClub App



Tap into your rewards faster on the
Tanger app.

Upload your shopping receipts to
bank your points.

Select your favourite brands
and always stay connected to their
best deals.

Keep your Rewards at your fingertips.

Be in the know for VIP access to
events and happenings at your
favourite location.

TangerClub card is issued by MetaBank®, Member FDIC
Hear From Our
Happy Members

TANGERCLUB members agree to the following terms and conditions: TangerClub Membership is solely permitted for individual use and is not permitted as a multiple user membership. One membership is allowed per person, photo ID must be presented at Shopper Services, and members must be at least 16 years old. A TangerClub Membership is a lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $10 per person. If the card is lost, the TangerClub member will need to visit a Tanger Outlets Shopper Services location in order to receive a new member specific identification number and a new active TangerClub card. Reward funds under .50 cents are not transferable to a new membership card.

TangerClub Exclusive Perks

  • Access to TangerClub Express Line at all Shopper Services locations.
  • Access to TangerClub exclusive events or special shopping events.
  • Exclusive TangerClub web offers and special savings at
  • Everyday Access to the Tanger Coupon Book (Digitally or Printed).
  • Free Birthday reward every year on your birthday.
  • Lifetime membership for a one-time fee of $10.
  • Waived gift card processing fees ($1.50 value per gift card).
  • Free Stroller or Shopping Cart rental.
  • Exclusive Reward Levels and Offers at Spend Levels
  • TangerClub Exclusive Parking Spots
  • Digital Coupon Book and Digital TangerClub Card with personalized information available at

TangerClub Rewards

TangerClub members can earn points or “Rewards” with each purchase at the retail stores at any Tanger Outlets location. The TangerClub member must present Tanger Outlet's original store receipts at Shopper Services or upload receipts through the Receipt Capture feature found on the Tanger Outlets App available for Android and iPhones. Receipts for Rewards points are valid for the individual member only, and receipts cannot be shared for Rewards points with other members or non-members. Receipts that say “duplicate” will not be accepted. Receipts must be submitted and rewards redeemed by the end of the calendar year (December 31).

Multiple reward levels are determined by reaching spend levels through member receipt submissions only. Rewards may range from Tanger Merchandise to Tanger Gift Cards or Retail Partner Offers. Value of rewards will vary depending on reward level reached.

Tanger Outlets reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate individual participation in the Rewards program by any TangerClub member for any reason not prohibited by law, including falsification or duplication of receipts submitted for TangerClub rewards points.

Receipts for Tanger Gift Card and TangerClub membership purchases are not valid for TangerClub Rewards points.

$250 level 1 / $500 level 2

$1,000 level 3 / $2,500 level 4

*All terms and perks expire 12/31/2021 and may be subject to change without notice. TangerClub Rewards expire 1 year after load onto your TangerClub Preferred Shopper Loyalty card. View Cardholder Agreement

*Limit one (1) reward at each reward level per customer.

*Perks and rewards have no cash value and may not be assigned, transferred or redeemed for cash.

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